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FUGLANE | Hélène Rocheteau (english)

Création 2023


FUGLANE is a solo for dancer Vincent Dupuy. The project is based on Tarjeï Vesaas's book Les Oiseaux, in which Mattis, the central figure, reveals the incredible power of his perception of the world. Mattis is a being of the margins, of the confines, of blurred, unpredictable spaces. The writing in Les Oiseaux is at once very simple, very realistic, and full of openings to a different perception of things. The presence of the invisible irradiates this text. Echoing this work, FUGLANE is a piece in which different strata of perception unfold. Passages of intensity cross the dancer's body, images erupt, gestures are made and unmade. FUGLANE is a world of unexplained visions. An invitation to see into the interstices. Musical instruments designed by Florent Colautti are present on stage and played from a distance, giving them a special presence. String vibrations, percussion on a wooden box and the roar of a bagpipe reed are heard acoustically and/or via amplification, opening up different levels of listening.


Choreography: Hélène Rocheteau

Performance: Vincent Dupuy

Musical composition and performance: Florent Colautti

Set design: Elodie Quenouillère

Lighting design: Gweltaz Chauviré


Duration: 30 minutes


Production: La Belle Orange

Coproduction: C.C.N Tours, Antre Peaux - Bourges, Le Vent des Signes - Toulouse

DRAC Centre - Val de Loire, Région Centre - Val de Loire

Partners: Théâtre de Vanves, Louhenrie - Pouillé, Espace Malraux - Tours, Antre Peaux - Bourges, La Pratique - Vatan



Work in progress: Théâtre de Vanves - Ardanthé festival - (DECA)DANSE day - March 26, 2022

Pre-premiere: Centre culturel Albert Camus Issoudun - March 4, 2023

Premiere: Antre Peaux - Bourges - May 23, 2023

Festival ZOA - Etoile du Nord - Paris - October 2023

C.C.N Tours - SPOT#région - December 2023

Festival Ardanthé - Théâtre de Vanves - March or April 2024

In situ version: Festival BIPS - Louhenrie - September 2024




FUGLANE - Création Hélène Rocheteau 2023 on Vimeo

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